Kymco launches Ionex Commercial for e-mobility solutions

5th Oct 2018 1:28 pm

The platform provides tailor-made arrangement of electric vehicles, charging facilities, removable batteries and related IT systems for businesses and governments.

On the sidelines of the Paris motor show, Kymco has launched its expansive, ambitious venture – Ionex Commercial – amidst a global audience. The Taiwanese giant’s Ionex e-scooter was launched earlier this year and Ionex Commercial goes well beyond, by virtue of being a transformative EV solution for business and governments alike.

In effect, this takes Kymco beyond just personal consumers and will enable the brand to cater to everything from small businesses to governments. Moving ahead from conventional e-scooter manufacturing, Ionex Commercial will see Kymco entering the charging infrastructure space, along with IT solutions for better large-scale management of EV implementation.

Kymco has identified four enterprises it believes to be crucial to EV growth – petroleum companies, logistics and retail companies, ride-sharing start-ups, and city governments that manage their public transportation systems.

Speaking on Ionex Commercial’s large-scale implications, Allen Ko, chairman, Kymco said “What is desperately needed is a dependable, one-stop provider to assemble an all-encompassing array of capabilities to support the electric transition. And therefore, Ionex Commercial is created to provide a total solution to empower and enable all businesses and governments to go electric.”

Kymco’s EV solution is projected to be a tailor-made arrangement of electric vehicles, charging facilities, removable batteries and related IT systems. Interestingly Ionex Commercial has the world’s first cloud-based EV infrastructure operating system. In addition to this, Kymco is banking on its capability to deliver an industry-specific, full-customisable package on a worldwide scale. With a firm vision for fleet operations, vehicle sharing and public transport, Kymco believes Ionex Commercial will make a big impact on the EV industry and on the environment.

At present, Ionex Commercial is in the implementation stage across the world and, when it arrives, India will certainly be a key market for Kymco.

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