26th Sep 2018 6:12 pm

Mercedes will utilise capacity at its Chakan plant to meet high demand for the SUV in the North American market.

The trade stand-off between the United States and China has resulted in the emergence of an unlikely beneficiary – Mercedes-Benz India. You see, US President Donald Trump’s administration has levied high tariffs on products imported from China, and to get around the taxation issue, Mercedes-Benz is now shipping its midsize SUV, the GLC, to the US, from India.

According to an Automotive News report, utilising its plant in Chakan, Pune (which has an annual production capacity of 20,000 units), Mercedes-Benz India is now exporting the GLC to meet high demand in the North American market – where the GLC is its highest-selling model. Currently, Mercedes’ facility in Bremen, Germany supplies the GLC to the US, and Mercedes reportedly has no plans to produce the SUV at its plant in Alabama, US.

This makes Mercedes-Benz the first luxury car manufacturer in India to be shipping locally-produced models to the US, and is a move that will elevate India’s position on the world stage.

Mercedes-Benz is expected to debut a facelifted version of the GLC sometime next year. You can read all about it here.



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