The problems that plague the production and casting of Mogul, the Gulshan Kumar biopic are far from over. Having gotten rid of the tainted director Subhash Kapoor (accused of sexual assault) producer Bhushan Kumar has coaxed Aamir Khan to return to the project. But only as co-producer.

The  news  that Aamir would be  playing Gulshan  Kumar  is being dismissed  by  sources close to the  project as “premature,  if not false.”  “After  Akshay Kumar ’s exit, Bhushan has been trying his level best to convince Aamir Khan to play Gulshan Kumar but with little luck. There are many controversial areas of Gulshan  Kumar’s life that  Aamir doesn’t want to get into,” says the source.

It is unlikely that Aamir will step in to play the lead in Mogul. Then the question is, who? After  Akshay Kumar had unceremoniously exited the project (he even returned the signing amount) Bhushan had vowed to get a “bigger” star to play his father Gulshan  Kumar. Apparently, Salman was sounded out. But he declined. Aamir’s entry into the project proved a  blessing.

But so far  Bhushan has been unable to convince Aamir to play the music mogul who revolutionized the soundtrack business but unfortunately met with a violent end when he was gunned down, allegedly by the underworld.

Aamir’s next release is the much-awaited Thugs of Hindostan that sees him share screen space with Amitabh Bachchan and Katrina Kaif. The film is set for a Diwali release on November 7.

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