Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! An uninvited female guest wreaked havoc at Roccstar’s album release party during the Oct. 22 episode of ‘L&HH Hollywood’!

Teairra thought she was being sly by hooking up with Akbar behind closed doors, after she had filed a lawsuit against him due to the mysterious leak of their private sex tape, but he put her on blast during the Oct. 22 episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and it had a major affect on everyone. Apparently, he got fed up with the fact that she was keeping their hookups a secret, so he posted a live video of her — with him — on Instagram. This not only affected her lawsuit against him, but a lot of her friends started to question whether they should even be defending her against Akbar anymore.

Roccstar was actually dumbfounded when he heard Teairra had seen Akbar just four days prior him meeting up with her. In fact, he wanted to know why Teairra was even suing Akbar for allegedly leaking their sex tape if she was still hooking up with him. And he had a good point — why would anyone want to keep hooking up with a person who they thought wronged them? Teairra just kept telling everyone that she loved this man and her emotions were affecting her decisions.

Later, when Teairra met up with her attorney, Lisa Bloom‘s, team, they told her that she needs to stop seeing Akbar immediately or they’ll have no other choice but to separate ties with her. They hadn’t yet been able to serve Akbar with papers, and if a judge saw that Teairra was easily meeting up with Akbar, they’d look dumb. Especially after it was revealed online that Teairra was meeting up with Akbar for “some d***”. She even confirmed that to be true.

And then, when Teairra attended Roccstar’s album release party, she was confronted by none other than Akbar’s wife! She didn’t feel he was “handling” the situation correctly, so Akbar’s wife told Teairra to stop suing her man if she’s going to keep hooking up with him. The woman definitely had a point. But will Teairra stay away from Akbar? Only time will tell, however, we certainly hope she will.

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