Ariana Grande is all set to release a song about Pete Davidson right before tonight’s ‘SNL’, according to reports! Here’s what we know so far about the lyrics!

Ariana Grande is set to release a song that’s all about Pete Davidson less than an hour before SNL will air, according to TMZ. However, the track titled “Thank U, Next” will not be a diss track, despite the fact that it will delve into her past relationships. Taking to Twitter, Ariana confirmed this, writing, “tis far from a diss track …. it’s the opposite … 🖤✍🏼👼🏼.” The pop singer also posted the following lyrics: “Got so much love ….. got so much patience ….. I’ve learnt from the pain ….. and turnt out amazin ….. say I’ve loved and I’ve lost ….. but that’s not what I see cause look what I got ….. look what you taught me.” She later goes on to sing, “Cause look what I found ….. ain’t no need for searching and for that I say ….. thank u, next.” She also tweeted “i’m so …. fuckin ….. grateful… for my …… ex.”

The song will apparently deal with both her relationships with Mac Miller and Pete. However, despite her previous disses aimed at Pete on Twitter earlier this week, she won’t be attacking him in the same way. With the song dropping at 11 pm EST, under an hour from SNL’s start time, we’ll keep you posted as we learn more about the lyrics.

Speaking of SNL, there could be quite a few references to Pete’s split with Ariana. In fact, Pete is now open to anything. “At first he didn’t want to address his breakup and wanted to protect Ariana from any jokes,” a source close to Pete told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “But he has told the cast to pitch anything for a sketch or to talk about it on Weekend Update anyway they’d like. He wants to make jokes about it and if Ariana can’t take a joke then so be it. He is taking things as if it isn’t his problem. He has to live his life and he gets through pain with comedy and he is going to be an open book and allow people to rib on him throughout the show if they choose to.”

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