There isn’t much happening for the new releases at the Box Office this week, the collections this week has been way too low.  According to a report from, Helicopter Eela has been collecting the best of the lot but considering the fact that Kajol is the lead, a lot more was expected out of it. The film started off the film collecting close to Rs 1.1 Crore on Day 1, raking up the collection to a total of Rs 1.85 Crore and the overall total is approximately Rs 3.45 crore as of now.

Surprisingly, Tumbbad saw a hike in numbers with Rs 1.15 crore on Saturday and then later Rs 1.35 crore on Sunday. Though it is a relatively small budget film, it would still require some sort of theatrical revenue too so that it justifies its release. The film has collected almost 3.15 crore so far.  Meanwhile, Govinda’s FryDay has an overall total low at Rs 1.20 crore while Vishesh Films’ Jalebi is a lost cause as it has reached Rs 1.75 crore.

Overall, a bad week for the films.

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