Gauri Khan is an excellent designer but it looks like she doesn’t have time for a very special, aspiring customer – Shah Rukh Khan, her husband!

It so happened that Gauri recently posted the picture of the interiors of an office that she had done up and it went viral on Instagram because of its aesthetics.

A screenshot of the post and the comments shared by the couple

Very soon Shah Rukh Khan posted a comment on her picture asking when she would do up his office. To this question, Gauri hilariously answered that she will designer Shah Rukh’s home as soon as she gets some free time. Evidently, the work she will do for her husband will be unpaid so she would take it up only when she has free time. There won’t be any ‘nepotism’ in her work, just because it’s her husband requesting her.

The cute exchange between husband and wife was lapped up by their fans. Perhaps more so because it’s not often that Shah Rukh and Gauri exchange messages on social media to each other. SRK rarely comments on images though he posts quite a few of his family. Similarly, Gauri does not comment too often on her superstar hubby’s pics.

Well, for fans, it was a rare sweet treat from the first couple of Bollywood.

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