No one at Kwan, the talent-management company helmed by the now-disgraced Anirban Blah, was not aware of Blah’s blasé activities. If sources are to be believed the co-owner of this premium talent-management company was known to be a “womaniser” which is a euphemism for a sexual offender.

Knowing his reputation we wonder how posh stars like Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Sania Mirza, Mahesh Bhupathi and  Hrithik Roshan agreed to be “managed” by Kwan.

In a hasty and rather belated damage-control move, Deepika and Ranbir are said to have stated they would not work with Blah any more. It is not yet known if Hrithik would also follow suit, though knowing how image-conscious he is, his exit from Kwan is perhaps a given. A few days ago, he had issued a strong statement against Vikas Bahl, his Super 30 director, who was accused of serious sexual misconduct.

However, now that Blah himself has been sacked from Kwan we wonder if the company can regain its position.

Significantly  Saif Ali Khan who was one of the first and original clients of Kwan had dropped out of his contract with the company soon after it became successful. Did he know something that everyone did? And unlike others did he choose to take remedial action rather than look the other way?

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