Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer have a brutally honest conversation that gives viewers insight into why they chose to divorce in the Oct. 8 episode of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Get a sneak peek look, here!

Bristol Palin, 27, and Dakota Meyer, 30, finalized their divorce around August, but now, fans are given a behind-the-scenes look at what led up to the split. And it’s a sad story. In the sneak peak clip for the next episode of Teen Mom OG on Oct. 8, the show’s newcomers are still hashing out their issues ahead of splitting for good. “I was a single mom for a long time, but being married, I’m more lonely now than I’ve ever been,” Bristol tells her now ex-husband, Dakota, in the clip below. Before having their children Sailor Grace, 2, and Atlee Bay, 1, Bristol welcomed her son Tripp, 9, with her ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston. But Bristol isn’t pointing fingers, because she adds that her then-husband, whom she wed in 2016, must feel “lonely” too. Sarah Palin’s daughter continues, “I think that we don’t know how to coexist together, at all.”

But what really caused their divorce? Although Dakota is in front of the cameras, he doesn’t hold back in explaining why he’s to blame. “I mean, 99% of our problems in this family, in our marriage, is my anxiety and my PTSD, whether you want to believe [it], justify it or not,” Dakota, a former Marine, says. But Bristol can’t bear to hear her former lover be so hard on himself! “I fully take responsibility of becoming cold. And I am sorry,” Bristol admits in the clip. “I’m sorry that I’m that way. I don’t think you deserve to have a wife that’s that way, and I want you to have sense of peace. But I think a divorce is the best thing for our kids.” Still, Dakota can’t resist thinking he’s the reason the marriage failed — watch the rest of the clip below to see why!

The divorce didn’t blindside either Bristol or Dakota, who appeared on their first ever Teen Mom OG episode on Oct. 1. During the show’s premiere, they were already arguing over the anxiety Dakota mentions in today’s clip. “I’ve been trying to tell you, over and over, and asked you for help a thousand times,” a frustrated Dakota told this then-wife during a car ride. “Don’t sit over there and act like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ All you wanna do is tell me all the things that are wrong with me and all the things I do wrong when I have anxiety. That’s all you do.”

Bristol filed for divorce in February of 2018, and confirmed she was “freshly divorced” to Instagram fans on August 1. And like Dakota, Bristol also gave her reasons why marriage took a toll on her. “I was super, super, super independent before I got married,” she explained. “I was a single mom forever. I liked my own things, having my own schedule, being able to discipline Tripp how I want to. When you get married, you lose all that,” Bristol also said during the season premiere. “You have to sit and talk to someone else, get their opinion. It’s been challenging because I think we were already grown up and set in our ways when we got married.”

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