Surprise! Out of nowhere on Aug. 31, Eminem decided to give fans a brand new album for their Labor Day weekend listening needs. We’ve got his new LP ‘Kamikaze,’ right here.

Enimem just made everyone’s Labor Day weekend a lot more awesome, as he dropped a surprise album called Kamikaze at midnight on Aug. 31. It’s his 10th studio album and the follow up to 2017’s Revival.  The 10 songs and 3 skits are pure fire and show that at 45-years-old Slim Shady still rules the rap game. Eminem seemed to agree that Revival wasn’t his best effort and wanted to show fans he’s still got the chops by tweeting “tried not 2 overthink this 1… enjoy,” along with his album art featuring the back of a fighter plane.  Oh yes we are enjoying it Marshall!!!

He has assists from Joyner Lucas on the tune “Lucky You,” Royce da 5’9″ on “Not Alike and Jessie Reyez appears on two tracks, “Nice Guy” and “Good Guy.” While Revival had plenty of build up and promotion, Kamikaze dropped without any warning, hints or leaks that Em had an ENTIRE NEW STUDIO ALBUM that was coming for the world.

“Time to separate the sheep from goats” he raps on the album’s title track which also puts out a challenge to young rappers today today. “Maybe I just don’t know when to turn around and walk away//But all the hate, I call it walk on Watergate//I’ve had has much as I can tolerate//I’m sick and tired of waiting, I done lost my patience//I can take all you motherf**kers all at once, you want it Shady you got it!” He also disses new rappers like Lil Yachty Lil Xan and Lil “The Ringer.”

Fans are losing their minds as this comes only eight months after Revival did. This is a guy who has been know to go YEARS without any new music and this comes so quickly after his last release. Revival was met with mixed reviews and had way too many cooks in the kitchen. He spent two years recording it, had countless producers and guest work from the likes of Beyonce and Ed Sheeran. In his own words, it doesn’t feel like he overthought Kamikaze the way he did with Revival. He just went into the studio, busted out some amazing freestyles and laid it all on the world by surprise.

Fans immediately lost their shizz on Twitter. One person wrote “He’s is ending everyone’s career.. doesn’t stop once to take a breath… THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR SAVING HIP HOP @Eminem,” while another added “This Eminem album is UNREASONABLY good.” One fan tweeted “This album is already better than Revival and I’m 2 songs in.” “Motherf**k Eminem is really back!! Idk if Revival exists anymore. This is whole different level!! There are levels to the levels!!! F**kin sick. Omf this slapssssssss,” another fan rejoiced.

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