Jake Paul wasted no time after his win against Deji in today’s boxing match! The YouTuber then went on to challenge Chris Brown to a fight!

Jake Paul may have gotten a bloody face as a result of his bout with Deji, KSI’s brother, however Jake ended up being declared the winner of that fight, despite Logan Paul’s draw with KSI. However, immediately after the fight, Jake actually challenged Chris Brown for a fight. “I want to call some one out,” said Jake after his match. “Chris Brown, I know you were supposed to fight Soulja Boy. But I think it is time you got in the ring with someone your own size.”

Needless to say, fans had some divided responses to the idea. One fan wrote, “Jake better get beat by Chris Brown If He Agrees.” Another tweeted, “I think Chris Brown might even know how to properly box or fight. So I’m hoping Jake was calling him out for basketball.”

Time will tell whether or not Breezy responds to Jake’s challenge. In the meantime, check out pics of Jake in our gallery above!

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