Did that really just happen? A main character was shot right in the heart in the final moments of the season 5 finale of ‘Power,’ just weeks after 50 Cent’s character was shockingly killed off.

Tommy just committed the ultimate act of betrayal towards Ghost. In the last seconds of the season 5 finale, Tommy shot Angela right in the chest. Ghost and Angie were in the middle of a kiss when she looked up the stairwell and saw Tommy with the gun. She pushed Ghost out of the way and took the bullet. Ghost caught her and held her in his arms as she took what were likely her last breaths. While we don’t actually see Angela die, it’s pretty obvious that she’s a goner. She was shot in directly in the heart.

Just before she was shot, Ghost told Angela that he loved her. Ghost was completely blindsided in the moment. When he looked up at Tommy, he screamed in anger. Hell hath no fury like a Ghost scorned. After the episode cut to black, you could still hear Ghost screaming Angela’s name. No matter what happens next, Ghost and Tommy’s relationship will never be the same.

Angela and Ghost had just had conversation about their future, too. Angela was just about to walk out after saying goodbye. Ghost stopped her and said that he didn’t kill Terry Silver. But he was lying. After Tasha drove away in the parking garage earlier following her hookup with Terry, Ghost strangled him before he got in the car.

The jaw-dropping finale comes just a few weeks after 50 Cent’s character, Kanan, was killed off the show in a shocking shootout with police. Power has truly proven this season that no one is safe. The wait for Power season 6 is going to be a long one, that’s for sure!

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