Tyga who? DeAndre Hopkins who? Iggy Azalea might have found herself a baller of a bae, as she was spotted grabbing a bite to eat with the NBA’s Jimmy Butler?

First, she and Tyga, 28, were lighting sparks at Coachella. Then, she and DeAndre Hopkins, 26, were in a relationship…and then they weren’t. Now, Iggy Azalea, 28, might have found a new stud in Jimmy Butler, 28. Iggy and the Minnesota Timberwolves player were spotted having a bite to eat at a restaurant in Malibu, according to TMZ, before leaving the eatery at the same time. Interesting. See Pics Of Iggy And Jimmy Here. 

Now, there’s no immediate indication that this was a romantic encounter – TMZ even said it was “ENTIRELY possible the two just happened to be leaving the same restaurant at the same time.” Plus, the last time Iggy gave her heart to a NBA player, it got stomped on by Nick Young, after Swaggy P openly admitted that he cheated on the “Fancy” singer. On top of that, Jimmy was recently spotted having lunch with rapper India Love, who has been romantically linked to Drake, Rick Ross and The Game.

So, maybe people should hold off on hitting that “new couple alert” just yet. After all, there has been a recent false alarm surrounding Ms. Azalea’s love life. During an Aug. 7 appearance on Y 100 Miami, Iggy said she and DeAndre Hopkins, a Houston Texans player, were “in a relationship.” The two were spotted flirting online days before this confirmation, but as soon as Iggy said they were together, both of them walked back their rumored relationship. “Ya boi is SINGLE,” DeAndre said on Instagram, while Iggy said she was “completely fine” with the fact that she is “going to be alone forever.” (She has since deleted that tweet, so maybe she’s no longer alone?)

Does this mean she and Tyga might take their “platonic chemistry” to the next level? “As soon as Tyga read her tweet about being single he hit her up and let her know that he’s ready and waiting for her if she decides she wants to make him her man,” an insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.com. Well, Tyga might be left hanging again, especially if there’s more to this Jimmy Butler situation than what meets the eye. Is Iggy willing to give a baller another chance at her heart? Or did these two just happen to chat about the upcoming NBA season while on their way back to their cars? Only time will tell.

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