Two ‘mercenaries’ arrive to ‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning,’ but this season, they come with a twist like never before. Plus, Kam proves to be a major strategic threat. Here’s our recap!

The Aug. 21 episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning picks up in the midst of Shane and Da’Vonne’s fight. Luckily, their partners, Nelson and Jozea, are able to hold them back and the drama subsides. At the Armageddon, it’s revealed that Derrick and Tori were voted into elimination. Tori is pissed because members of her alliance didn’t vote the way they agreed to, so she and Derrick were voted in via burn votes — those who voted for them (Angela/Faith, Joss/Sylvia and Brad/Kyle) didn’t actually intend for them to go in.

Although the “easy” choice for Tori and Derrick would be to go against would be Angela and Faith, they make a play by choosing to compete against Joss and Sylvia. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in their favor, and Joss and Sylvia win the elimination, sending Tori and Derrick to the Redemption House. At the next challenge, the challengers are split into two teams. One team will win the challenge, but whichever original duo team is the first to cross the finish line from that team will be considered the winners. As always, the winners are immune from elimination AND have their vote counted twice for who will go in.

Kam and Kayleigh pull out the win, which is exactly where they want to be — Kam has a plan for how to make sure her alliance members are safe from the Armageddon. She announces to the house that she and Kayleigh are going to vote for either Brad and Kyle or Joss and Sylvia. What everyone doesn’t know is that this is just a ploy to make sure other people don’t vote for those two teams because they won’t want to go against either of them in an elimination. She fills her pals, Sylvia and Kyle, in on the plan, and Sylvia pulls out an Oscar-worthy performance of tears to make it seem like she’s really being betrayed.

When Kyle fills Brad in on what is going down, Brad is VERY worried that Kam can’t be trusted, but in the end, she stays true to her word. Angela and Faith are voted in, and the only people who voted for them are Kam and Kayleigh and Jozea and Da’vonne. Since Kam and Kayleigh are immune, that means Jozea and Da’Vonne are automatically going in.

Of course, T.J. Lavin has another twist to throw in — the mercenaries are here once again! This time, it’s Ashley and Hunter who come in for a chance to take out Angela and Faith. However, things are a little different this season. The mercenaries won’t leave after the elimination: If they win…they earn a spot in the house. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out who pulls it out, though!

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