Salman Khan’s trouble with his film LoveRatri that marks the debut of his brother-in-law Aayush Sharma in Bollywood. First, some random Hindu outfit demanded a change in the film’s title saying it was a take-off on the festival of Navratri and thus, hurt Hindu sentiments. A case was also filed against poor Salman and seven actors including Aayush and his heroine Warina. The producers caved in and changed the title from LoveRatri to LoveYatri.

However, even that is not enough, it seems. Another Hindu outfit, this time in Gujarat (where the movie is set), has told the Gujarat High Court that the new title was unacceptable. According to PTI, the Sanatan Foundation had last week moved a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking a change of the title and some content of the film, or its ban for “hurting sentiments of Hindus”.

The court was told on Wednesday (September 19, 2018) that the new title was not acceptable as it still sounded similar to ‘Navratri’. The group, through its lawyer, submitted in the court a proposal and suggestion – that the tagline ‘A Journey of Love’ should be converted into ‘Love ki Yatra’. Don’t ask what the logic in all this is! They also demanded some changes in the title or the content if not an outright ban. Their problem with the film is that they feel it will offend Hindus upon the release. The PIL contended that while Navratri is a pious festival, the name of the film conveys that it is all about getting “intimate”. “If this movie is allowed to be viewed in cinemas in Gujarat, it will leave a very bad impact on the youngsters and the public at large,” the PIL claimed.

During the hearing, the producer’s lawyer told the court that the film was yet to get a certification from the censor board to which the judges directed him to seek instructions regarding the content of the movie. The court also wanted to know how its promos were released without certification from the censor board.
Now comes the more interesting twist. The judges said that if needed, the bench will watch the film! Probably to decide if it hurts any sentiments or not!

Directed by debutant Abhiraj Minawala, the film is slated for release on 5 October.

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