WWE stars Nikki & Brie Bella made a memorable and scary appearance on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ when they dressed up as the eerie twins from the classic thriller ‘The Shining’ for a skit.

Nikki & Brie Bella may be WWE superstars but they put on a different persona when they dressed up as the scary twins from the popular movie The Shining for a special Halloween-themed skit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! The 34-year-old sisters, who are also twins, looked like an incredible adult version of the infamous movie characters as they donned the same blue and white dresses, white stockings with shoes and hairstyles with matching barrettes.

“The Shining Bella Twins” is what the skit, which was posted to YouTube, was called. In the clip, Jimmy Fallon, 44, can be seen getting ready backstage to do his show and after an assistant tells him it’s time, he comes out of his dressing room to an empty building. After looking for staff members with tense music playing in the background, he suddenly turns to see the Bella twins facing him in silence just like the twins in The Shining did. “Hello Jimmy,” the twins say in unison. “Come and play with us.” Jimmy then hilariously gets flashbacks of the twins wrestling in the ring before they tell him to come play with them again. He covers his face and peeks through his finger for a second before he changes the mood from scary to fun by shrugging his shoulders and casually saying, “OK.”

The scene then cuts to Jimmy, Nikki and Brie happily playing what appears to be beer pong together. After Jimmy declares he won, the tone gets scary again and the twins put their wrestling skills to use by grabbing his face and throwing him on the game table. “Happy Halloween, Jimmy,” one of them says before they both walk away.

The funny spoof was put together to help promote the twins’ appearance on the popular late night talk show. After it aired, they sat down with Jimmy to talk about how they’re both training to fight against MMA champion Ronda Rousey, 31, in the pay-per-view Evolution event, which is set to air on Oct. 28. With the encouragement of Jimmy, the sisters had a thumb wrestling match during their sit-down, and Nikki came out on top.

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We think Nikki and Brie did a fantastic job recreating the memorable twins scene in The Shining! The skit was perfect for the Halloween season and proved that their acting skills are almost as good as their fighting skills!

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