Prince Harry recently used both of his hands to hold wife Meghan Markle’s hand, and a body language expert EXCLUSIVELY told us why it means he absolutely adores her.

Prince Harry, 34, turned heads when he held wife Meghan Markle‘s hand with both of his during a recent stop on their royal tour in Australia and it turns out it could have a much deeper meaning than just a sweet move. Dr. Lillian Glass, Body Language Expert, EXCLUSIVELY spoke to HollywoodLife about how Harry’s recent action not only reflects the love and care he has for his pregnant wife, but is also his way of protecting her. “It’s obvious from this gesture that Prince Harry adores Meghan Markle so much,” Dr. Glass explained. “His double hand holding shows that he always wants to be connected to Meghan no matter what, so they have creative ways of hand-holding like this one. This is super true love. He definitely is even more on hands towards Meghan since he found out she is pregnant and it is indeed a protective gesture.”

What some are now dubbing “the new hand holding style” was seen in an Instagram video where Meghan and Harry’s backs are to the camera. As the duo were standing and already holding hands, Harry put his free hand behind his back and joined it with his other so he was using both of his hands to hold onto Meghan’s. It may have been meant to be a discreet action but the attention it received made it anything but and now it’s one of our favorite moments of Harry and Meghan PDA.

Harry and Meghan’s public outings have definitely proved they’re huge on giving each other affection no matter who’s watching. They’ve been setting the tone for a new modern royal couple approach by constantly holding hands and rubbing each other’s backs and even kissing on occasion whenever they feel the urge. It’s refreshing to see the newlyweds more in love than ever before and since they’re now parents-to-be, we can only imagine what it will be like when their little one comes into the picture. More hugs and love? Bring it on!

We just love seeing Harry and Meghan showcase their love through sweet PDA-filled appearances. The royal couple have gained a massive following since exchanging their vows and are always welcomed with warm greetings wherever they go. We can bet their romance brings out the best in people!

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