In her latest Hollywood outing Isn’t It Romantic, Priyanka Chopra seems to have as abbreviated a role as possible. In the trailer, she seems to be on screen for no more than 5 seconds while the rest of the hectic trailer focuses on comic actress Rebel Wilson whose Size XL jokes fill up the screen with the force of a flooded dam.

But damn, what is our Priyanka doing in a film that focuses on an overweight heroine’s efforts to fit into the romantic stereotypes of the modern world?   This is a question only  Priyanka can answer. In her last Hollywood outing, A Kid Like Jake, Priyanka at least had the consolation of playing second fiddle to an actress of  Claire Danes’ calibre in a film that made a very important statement on child rearing and the gender issues.

But what is the purpose of Priyanka’s presence in this silly-looking about non-conformist fantasies?

An irate Bollywood director who has offered Priyanka an author-backed film feels she is wasting her talent in America. “After Quantico, they don’t know how to fit her in. She is struggling in minuscule roles. She should come back home. In Shonali’s Bose’s The Sky Is Pink she has the central role. Pink or not, the sky is the limit for her in India. Why is she wasting her time doing inconsequential roles in Hollywood?”

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