Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone took the internet by storm when they announced their wedding date a couple of days ago. But guess what? Bollywood’s most loved couple are getting married twice! Yes, you heard that right.

Before you ask us why let us remind you that Ranveer Singh is a Sindhi-Punjabi and follows North Indian traditions where marriage rituals are usually held in the evening and sometimes at night. On the other hand, Deepika is a South Indian, hailing from Bangalore and here, marriage ceremonies are traditionally held in the morning. So once the South Indian ceremony is over from Deepika’s side, the couple will start preparing for the north Indian wedding. Also, South Indian ceremonies are relatively simple compared to the big fat Punjabi weddings with the former veering more towards the spiritual and religious aspect of it. On the other hand, Punjabi marriages are high on the celebration factor.

A report by Mid-Day claims that on November 14, the couple will get married in accordance with Kannadiga customs and rituals. On November 15, the Punjabi marriage, also known as Anand Karaj, will be held. This, of course, will be followed by a big fat reception where a lot of guests are likely to be invited from Bollywood and beyond.

Isn’t it great that the couple will be able to experience two rituals at the same time?

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