Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris was extremely bothered by the drama surrounding Bernice Burgos and at one point, it caused her to seriously rethink celebrating T.I.’s birthday with a trip.

It turns out that T.I.‘s loving 38th birthday celebration almost didn’t happen! Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 43, was feeling very upset over the drama surrounding T.I. and Bernice Burgos and for a while, she wasn’t sure whether or not she even wanted to go through with giving the rapper a lavish trip for his special day. “Tiny was so angry and upset over all the Bernice Burgos drama that she almost cancelled all her big plans for T.I.’s birthday,” a friend of Tiny’s EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “She felt like a chump for going above and beyond tying to plan the best birthday ever for her man after being reminded of Bernice and how he betrayed her. There was a whole week where she was telling people she wasn’t going to do anything for his birthday, that she was calling off all her plans.”

It wasn’t until she was calmed down by T.I. and worked things out that Tiny changed her mind and decided to go along with the celebration. “Her and T.I. reconnected in a big way, they had a very special night together and he made her forget all about Bernice and every other sidechick,” Tiny’s friend continued. “T.I. has a way of making Tiny feel like the only woman in the world that he could ever truly love. The level of passion they have is so intense that when he takes the time to really focus on her it’s very hard for her to stay angry at him. And once he gave her that time and attention she quickly got over her anger and the birthday celebrations were back on.”

Tiny definitely looked like she was over the anger when she took to Instagram to post various clips from the birthday vacation, including one with T.I.’s cake. “Happy birthday My Love,” Tiny captioned one of the clips that showed T.I. sitting down and smiling. These two always put their love first when it comes to important days and situations and it’s one of the reasons their fans love them so much! Despite the ups and downs of their marriage, they always make each other a priority when it matters most.

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