Lindsay Lohan is ‘heartbroken’ that people are accusing her of trying to abduct two children that she thought were being trafficked by their mother.

People were appalled after Lindsay Lohan followed a family around on Instagram Live and tried to get two children to leave their mother to come with her. Twitter users criticized her and accused her of attempted kidnapping, which has left the Mean Girls star reeling.

“Lindsay is heartbroken and bewildered by the backlash and ridicule she’s been subjected to over the refugee video she posted,” a source close to the actress tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “As Lindsay sees it, it’s apparent she’s trying her hardest to help these people. She’s even communicating with them in their own language, and how many Americans can speak Arabic? Yet, everybody just wants to ridicule her for it.”

“Lindsay wasn’t trying to ‘abduct’ anybody, and she thought that was obvious in the video. All she wanted was to provide somewhere warm, safe and comfortable for the whole family to stay, instead of them having to be on the street,” the insider explains. “When the mother and father rejected her help, Lindsay wanted to take the children somewhere safe, so at least they would be OK for the night, and she made it clear that she would return the children to their parents the next day.”

The Parent Trap star apparently thought she was doing a good thing for these kids, and was worried they wouldn’t have a safe place to sleep that night. “As far as Lindsay is concerned, no child should be forced to sleep rough, especially if they are being given an alternative option,” the insider says. “The refugee crisis is something Lindsay is really emotionally invested in, and she has been doing a lot of advocacy work in Turkey recently, so she believes she knows a lot about the situation.”

“The fact that so many people are mocking her for going out of her way to do something selfless and kind to help some people in need is just insane to her, as is all the people laughing at her getting punched in the face by the mother,” the source says. “As far as Lindsay is concerned, she can’t do right for doing wrong, and people are always trying to tear her down, now matter what.”

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