YouTube star Laura Lee is in a world of hurt after fans unearthed some ‘ignorant’ racist tweets. Though she’s apologized for what she said, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned she feels like she’s being treated unfairly!

Beauty YouTube drama is so, so ugly. Laura Lee, 29, found herself under attack from Jeffree Star’s stans after they dug up some old tweets where she made some racist statements. She lost over 200,000 subscribers in a week, rocking her world the core. “Laura’s pretty much spinning right now,” a source close to Laura EXCLUSIVELY tells “She doesn’t know what to do, and kind of feels like she can’t do right for doing wrong. Laura definitely feels like she’s being targeted, and that basically, anything she does is going to be torn apart. So, she thinks it’s probably best to just try to keep her head down for a while and hope things cool down and this whole thing blows over soon.”

“She does feel genuinely bad for things that she’s said in the past,” the source tells, before adding that her statements  — she tweeted “tip for all black people if you pull ur pants up you can run from the police faster.. #yourwelcome” in 2012, according to the Washington Post — was “a long time ago” when she was “a kid and was ignorant and stupid. Although she knows it’s a lame excuse – she was joking around with friends, and she didn’t have any malicious intent – but she realizes now how what she wrote back then comes across and she’s genuinely deeply sorry.”

“She knows it’s a weak excuse, but it really is a different time now,” the insider adds, “and she’s grown up a lot since then. She’s a lot more aware of what she says and does now. All she can say is sorry, and hope that she can prove to her fans going forward that she’s sincere in her apology.”

So, here’s why Laura Lee’s in the doghouse: stans of Jeffree Star, 32, went after Laura, Gabriel Zamora, Manny Mua and Nikita Dragun after Gabriel tweeted a picture of all four of them flipping off the camera, captioning it, “Bitch is bitter because without him we’re doing better.” Star’s stans thought the subtweet was aimed at Jeffree (who apologized in 2017 for his past racist and derogatory statements). Gabriel pretty much confirmed the conspiracy, per Polygon, saying “imagine stanning for a racist? I could never.”

Well, that sent Star’s stans searching, and what they found was telling. They found a tweet from Gabriel when he used the n-word. They tweeted out old screenshots of what they claimed were offensive tweets about child abuse made by Nikita (though they couldn’t be authenticated.) Manny apologized for a past fan encounter that went wrong, and fans found Laura Lee’s old racist tweets. On Aug. 18, after his stans’ work was done, Jeffree tweeted a smug picture of himself. “Imagine trying to bully me but you actually end your own career instead.”

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