If you are a filmmaker, you are welcome to make anti-establishment political dramas, as long as you don’t name (and blame) the Central  Government. The new Telugu-Tamil political drama Nota starring Vijay Deverakonda which releases this  Friday has been instructed by the Central Board Of Film Certification to remove all references to the Central  Government.

In other words, every time Deverekonda makes a reference to the ‘Central Government’ he would now be heard saying, ‘Government’. This is called deflecting the blame if any.

Deverekonda who is fiercely promoting the Tamil-Telugu bi-lingual says he ’s okay with the change. “It doesn’t matter whether we point a  finger to the  Central Government or the Government. The audience knows what we’re talking about. The misdeeds of politicians are no longer hidden from public view. Everybody knows who’s who and what’s what.”

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