Ariana Grande pulled out of being the musical guest on ‘SNL’s season opener for emotional reasons. We’ve got details on how she’s planning an epic return to the show and when it will happen.

Ariana Grande has had a tough month. She’s still reeling from the Sept. 7 death of her ex Mac Miller following an alleged drug overdose. Saturday Night Live Executive Producer Lorne Michaels has confirmed that she was supposed to be the musical guest on the show’s 44th season opener on Sept. 29, but  pulled out due to “emotional reasons.” The 25-year-old is still planning on appearing on SNL, just not in the near future. “She still wants to take time away from the spotlight and get back to a good place. She just has to ride out her emotions a little bit longer before she does anything in particular for a TV appearance or SNL appearance,” a source close to the songbird tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“She has an open invite to come on the show at any time this season. But things might actually work themselves out to where she would return for the finale. This would give her a good chunk of time to get away from it all. Plus she would even consider doing double duty and hosting the show as well. When she returns she wants to go all out,” our insider adds. Ariana was both the host and musical guest back in 2016 and proved she’s got some serious comedic chops in addition to her incredible voice.

Not only was Mac’s death devastating to Ariana, many of his fans attacked with ridiculous yet cruel claims that she was to blame for his passing. She began her relationship with SNL‘s Pete Davidson, 24, just days after announcing her breakup with Mac after a two-year relationship. Then she shocked fans by getting engaged to him after dating for just three weeks. After news of Mac’s death broke, Ari had to disable comments on her Instagram because so many people were blaming her as the reason for his sad passing.

Ariana herself revealed she’s having a tough go at life these days. On Sept. 27 she took to Twitter and wrote “Can i pls have one okay day. just one?” She then followed it up with another heartbreaking tweet that read, “pls. i’m so tired pls.” There’s no way she could have pulled it together and blew everyone’s minds on SNL in her the emotionally drained state. Kanye West, 41, has now taken over as the show’s musical guest for the season opener.

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