It’s time to crown a winner. Between J.C., Tyler, and Kaycee, who will win ‘Big Brother’ season 20? Follow along with our live blog of the finale now!

It’s all come down to this. One contestant will walk away $500,000 richer by the end of the Big Brother season 20 finale. J.C., Tyler, Kaycee all have the same goals in mind: avoid eviction, win over the jury, and take home the grand prize. The final three still have to fight in the final Head of Household competition. J.C. falls first in part 1 of the competition, and Kaycee’s just waiting for Tyler to fall, which was part of their plan. Tyler decides to have his fate in his own hands. He holds out, and Kaycee falls before him.

Tyler is the winner of part 1, which means that he doesn’t have to compete in part 2. He hopes this won’t change Kaycee’s mind about their plan. She’s not that shaken up. She’s determined to take part 2 and destroy J.C. Keep refreshing for updates!

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