Former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson will be visiting India to promote International Mixed Martial Arts League. The boxer will attend the Kumite 1 League Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournament to be held in Mumbai later this month. But guess what? Salman Khan’s faithful bodyguard Shera has been given the responsibility to look after the 52-year-old boxing legend during his India visit.

“This is Mike Tyson’s first trip to India and we are going to make sure he is comfortable. I’m personally taking care of him and will be stationed at his hotel in suburban Mumbai through the duration of his stay,” Shera was reported saying by He further added how they have done a recce of all the places Mike will be travelling to, including a mall, dinner location with a selected group of people and the location of the after-party. In fact, Shera will personally be receiving Mike at the airport when he arrives.

Shera has previously handled international artists like Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Jackie Chan, Paris Hilton and Justin Bieber during their India visits so this does not come as a surprise that he has been hired to look after Mike Tyson as well. When Shera was questioned as to who will be with Salman when he handles Mike, he quipped, “I took his permission before taking this responsibility. I work exclusively for him and Bhai is always my first priority,” further adding that he was given a go-ahead by the actor since he is shooting for Bigg Boss and not any film.

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