Kim Kardashian is in the best shape of her life and her flawless figure is giving everyone major body inspiration vibes — even her husband Kanye West. Now, he’s hitting the gym to keep up!

Lately, Kanye West, 41, is being talked about more for his political statements and his love of MAGA, than his music. But the outspoken rapper might soon be known for his rock hard abs. A source close to Kanye tells EXCLUSIVELY that he’s hitting the gym hard and is determined to look his best for his sexy wife Kim Kardashian, 39. Kim has been on her fitness grind for over a year now and has never looked better. It’s totally understandable that Kanye would feel the pressure to get in top form too.

“Kanye has been working out again, he’s got a trainer and he’s committed to a real body make-over,” says our source. “He wants to get his abs back and look and feel his best. When Kanye’s got extra weight on it’s hard on his self-confidence, he’s got body insecurities too, it’s not just Kim that suffers.” It’s hard to imagine that a sex symbol like Kim would ever feel insecure but she does — and her stunning little sister Kylie Jenner, 21, recently admitted she does too. Of course just because Kim feels insecure sometimes that doesn’t mean her body isn’t beautiful — we think she’s pretty much perfect and so does Kanye. “Kim’s a big motivator for him,” reveals our source. “She looks so damn good right now, he wants to look his best too.” We don’t blame you, ‘Ye.

Always the supportive wife, Kim has been doing all she can to help him with his fitness goals. “Kim is his biggest cheerleader and always tries to encourage him to exercise and eat healthy,” says our source. He isn’t nearly as disciplined when it comes to his diet or his workouts as Kim is, but he’s been really trying lately and it shows.” We can’t wait to see the results of Kanye’s hard work in the gym. Who knows, maybe pushing weights will even make Kanye feel like Superman — minus the help of his MAGA hat.

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